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30,000 DWT international deep sea, 5 holds, wide hatch type multipurpose dry cargo and self trimming type, double skin bulk carrier with provision for grab handling, 14.3 knots, equipped with MAN B&W 6S42MC MK VII Marine Diesel Engine, 4 sets hydraulic level luffing cranes and hydraulically operated end folding hatch covers.
The design features of the TRADER vessels have been developed through research and consultations with our many internationally prominent and successful clients. The latest trends in type, parcel size and trade in international deep sea transportation, the future requirement of ballast handling in restricted waters, the latest trends in shipboard manning practices, latest regulations governing pollution, ballast management safety and communications have been incorporated in the TRADER design. Latest developments in structural analysis, ABS SAFEHULL and finite element analysis have also been incorporated in the design.

Single screw motor driven double skin bulk carrier, capable of carrying grain in bulk, metal concentrate, iron ore, scrap metal, coal, bauxite, salt and sugar. General cargoes such as steel products including hot coil, forest products, packaged freight and palletized cargo. Long cargoes such as pipes. Bagged cement, and bagged cargoes.
American Bureau of Shipping
ABS + A1 (E) Bulk Carrier, + AMS, +ACCU, SH, SHCM with description of “ESP” and “Strengthened for carriage of heavy cargoes – certain holds may be empty. ”

Length O.A.
178.70 m
Length B.P. 170.00 m
Breadth Mld.
28.00 m
Depth Mld.
14.00 m
Designed Draft Mld.
9.50 m
Scantling draft Mld.
9.70 m
At designed draft abt. 29,300 metric tons
At the scantling draught abt. 30,000 metric tons
Alternate hold loading.    
Cargo hold (grain) 41,390 m³
Ballast water (with No 3 Hold) 20,650 m³
Heavy fuel oil (incl. Service Tank) 1,635 m³
Diesel oil (incl. Service Tank) 175 m³
Freshwater (incl. Portable water) 215 m3
Stowage factor:
Grain 53 -55 CFT/LT
Iron ore Cargo density 3 tonne/m3
Upper deck hatch cover:
Uniform Load:    
Outside line of opening 4.1 tonnes/m2
Inside line of opening 2.5 tonnes/m2
Tank Top:
Uniform Load: 20 tonnes/m2

Steel Coil Loading:
Load: 30 tonnes (two tiers each of 15 tonnes)
1500 mm (l) x 1500 mm (dia)
Dunnage: 3

Service speed at CSR power of M/E with 15% sea margin at design draft abt. 14.5 knots.
At design draft: abt 14.3 knots .
At scantling draft abt 14.0 knots .
Daily fuel oil consumption at 14.3 knots service speed with main engine at CSR power of about 5,297 kW is about 22.3 tonnes
Endurance based on fuel consumption of about 27 tonnes including generator and boiler, fuel tank capacity of 1,635 m3 and sea speed of 14.0 knots is about 15,000 sea miles.
Main engine
MAN B&W 6S42MC MK VII Marine Diesel Engine
6,480 kW at 136.0 rpm
5,297 kW at abt. 123.9 rpm
Four (4) blades, solid fixed pitch, aerofoil section keyless, Ni-Al-bronze according to Manufacturer’s standard.
Electric generator  
Main HFO Generator 3 sets, capacity 500 kW each
Emergency Diesel Generator 1 set, capacity 125kW
Lumber loading features:
Pad eyes for packed lumber loading in holds only.
Cargo gear:
Four (4) sets single electro-hydraulic wire luffing type jib cranes with provision for radio controlled grab handling.
Hoisting load: 30 t
Hoisting speed: 21 m/min
Working radius: 3.5 m to 26 m
Luffing time: abt.44 secs
Slewing speed abt. 1.2 rpm
Cargo hatch cover:
Steel, end folding type, double skin construction for hatches 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5, hydraulically operated.
Hatch sizes:
No. 1 hatch: 16.60 m (l) x 15.00 m (w)
No. 2,3 & 4hatches: 20.80 m (l) x 21.00 m (w)
Cargo hold ventilation:
For hold no.3; exhaust fan at 6 air changes per hour. Other holds natural ventilation.
Bilge and Ballast system:
Ring ballast main with remote hydraulically operated valves & stripping eductor. Separate stripping line for stripping D.B ballast tanks.

Ballast pump:
Electric motor driven centrifugal, bronze casting and phosphor bronze impeller, 700 m³/h x 0.25 MPa – 2 sets

Bilge system:
Bilge main with hydraulically operated remote control valves & stripping eductor with capacity of about 60 m3/h.

European type    
Complement: Captain class 2
  Senior Officer class 2
  Junior Officer class 4
  Petty Officer class 2
  Rating class 11
  Spare Officer 2
  Spare crew 1
  Pilot 1
  Total 25
Gymnasium fitted for 6 Suez Crew
Life saving equipment for 30 persons
Non-CFC refrigerant, (R-407) single-duct central cooling/heating type
Design condition:
summer outside: 32°C, 70% relative humidity (RH)
inside: 27°C, about 50% RH
winter outside: -10°C, 20% RH
inside: 20°C, about 50% RH
Vertical & flat bottom: Long life SPC antifouling paint, Tin Free
Top side: Modified Epoxy / Epoxy paint
Deck: Modified epoxy / Epoxy anti-corrosive paint
Cargo holds: Grain compatible epoxy paint
Cargo hatch covers: Zinc silicate / epoxy
Hatch coamings: Modified epoxy
Ballast water tanks:
Modified epoxy paint with anodes
External hull:
Impressed current cathodic protection

Developed by the same organization that developed the ‘F’ series such as “FREEDOM”, “FORTUNE”, “FRIENDSHIP”, “FREEDOM MKII”, “FANTASY”, “FESTIVA”, “FORTUNE MKII”, “GALAXY” AND “VALIANT” type vessels. The well proven design philosophy of the ‘F’ series such as cargo flexibility, operational safety and economy and realistic capital cost by series building will be the basis of the “TRADER” series.

The following major characteristics shall be applied:
Worldwide transportation including Panama and Suez Canals Strengthened for heavy cargoes – cargo hold tank top is strengthened for grab handling
Five (5) Cargo holds all double skinned and corrugated bulkhead Tank top strength – 20 t/m2
Wide open hatches ( > 75% of beam) for easy spotting of cargoes Cargo hatch cover uniform load complying with IACS URS 21 (Rev. 3) recommendations
Self trimming grain loading Alternate loading in holds 1, 3 and 5
Ample cargo hold stowage factor of 42 to 55 cub. ft/LT at designed draught condition Provision for radio controlled grab handling
Flexibility of carrying various cargoes such as:   Other characteristics:   
  - Dry bulk and break bulk such as grain, metal concentrates, coal, iron ore, bauxite, salt, sugar, cement in bags and scrap metal Centralized fresh water cooling system in engine room
  - General cargoes such as steel products, forest products, packaged freight and palletized cargo Plate coolers for central cooling system
Long cargoes such as pipes, packaged lumber. Independent shower and toilet units for officers and semi-private units for ratings
      Inmarsat B and C and full GMDSS application
All figures are preliminary and subject to change.
Information contained herein is provided without warranty, but in good faith and is based upon the latest information available to ‘MASTEK’ and ‘ALGOSHIP’ on the ships characteristics. The same shall not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitments on the part of ‘MASTEK’ and ‘ALGOSHIP’ other than those provided in the shipbuilding contract governing construction of these ships.
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